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  • How do I unscrew the glass jar if it’s too tight

    Many foods are made of glass jar to pack, such as chilli sauce, beef paste, canned yellow peach and so on, these are delicious things, but in order to extend the shelf life of canned, at the time of canned cans will be pulled out of the air inside, and then hand mechanical arm on the assembly lin...
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  • How to make glass bottles glass bottle process production process

    Glass bottles are the traditional beverage containers in China, which began to be produced a long time ago. Because they are not easy to be preserved, ancient glass products seen by later generations are very rare. Development so far, glass bottles in a lot of packaging materials into the market ...
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  • Can a glass bottle be heated in the microwave

    Ordinary glass bottles can’t be heated in the microwave. Only glass made of high borosilicate and marked as suitable for microwave oven can be heated in microwave oven. Ordinary glass made of glass, milk bottles, breastfeeding bottles only suitable for a short time in the microwave oven hea...
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  • The principle of choosing a glass bottle

    The principle of choosing a glass bottle, when we choose a glass bottle will be many bottles to see the cost, how to correctly choose it mainly grasp the four principles Steps/methods 1/4 Step by step Sealing of bottle to cap. This is thanks to the bottle cap gasket, which serves as a seal betwee...
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