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Can a glass bottle be heated in the microwave

Ordinary glass bottles can’t be heated in the microwave. Only glass made of high borosilicate and marked as suitable for microwave oven can be heated in microwave oven. Ordinary glass made of glass, milk bottles, breastfeeding bottles only suitable for a short time in the microwave oven heating, about 3 minutes. If heated for a long time, it is easy to crack.

Avoid uses metallic utensils: because put the utensils such as iron inside furnace, aluminium, stainless steel, enamel, microwave oven is heated when with it produce electric spark and reflex microwave, damage furnace body already cannot heat food again. Avoid using closed containers: wide containers should be used when heating liquid, because the heat generated by food heating in closed containers is not easy to emit, so that the pressure in the container is too high, which is easy to cause blasting accidents.

Do not use bottled food with a narrow neck: even if the lid is opened, it will expand under pressure, resulting in explosion. Do not place half-filled bottles of baby food or original bottles in the oven to avoid breaking. The container that every bamboo implement, lacquer is not heat-resistant, have concave and convex shape glass goods, all unfavorable use in microwave oven. Porcelain dishes cannot be edged with gold or silver. Use special microwave containers to hold food in the microwave.

Avoid reoccupy microwave oven to heat meat after heating to semi ripe: because be in semi ripe food bacteria still can grow, when reoccupy microwave oven to heat for the 2nd time, as a result of time short, impossible kill bacterium completely. Frozen meats are defrosted in the microwave and then reheated for cooked food. Avoid fried food: because of high temperature oil will splash and cause fire. In case of inadvertent fire in the furnace, do not open the door, but should first turn off the power supply, wait for the fire extinguished after the door cooling.

Post time: Nov-13-2021