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026 Cosmetics Bottles crystal white glass

026 Cosmetics Bottles

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Material: crystal white glass

Capacity: 150ml

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The production process of a glass jar/bottle refers to a series of action combinations (including mechanical, electronically controlled, etc.) that are repeated in a given programming sequence with the goal of producing a jar/bottle of the desired shape.

At present, there are two main processes for the production of glass jar/bottle: blowing method for bottle with narrow mouth, and a pressure blowing method for can and and bottle with a large diameter.

Nowadays glass bottle/jar can be made into a variety of shapes, and coating, printing, etc… more and more modern technologies are adopted. For example, frosting, coating, printing, hot stamping, pad printing, thermal transfer…etc., make bottle/jar more beautiful.

According to the official statistics, the number of our trip to Japan last year hit a record high, in which young women to become main force, also push up the cosmetics become the largest consumption category, in addition, amazon China released 2016 annual beauty makeup to protect skin to taste report also showed that men in recent years is quietly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the beauty makeup to protect skin to taste consumption. That is to say, with the rise of the consumption power of a new generation of young people, both men and women are paying more and more attention to “face engineering”, which means that glassware, as one of the main containers for cosmetic packaging, will also develop a huge market

“Glass reduces carbon emissions and is not only an environmentally friendly container, but also a container containing non-deterioration, non-deformation, non-permeability and non-light. It is a perfect material container that does not react to any ingredients. With the increasing number of high-performance cosmetics, the demand for glass containers will also increase.” A Korean glass bottle manufacturer said, “We know that foreign demand for glass bottles has been increasing since last year, and high-end cosmetics brands are using glass containers.”

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