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002 Crystal glass bottle crystal white glass

002 Crystal glass bottle

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Material: crystal white glass

Capacity: (750)ml

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From a design standpoint, crystal glass are both durable and shatter-resistant. This durability comes from the unique composition of Hebei Yulong Trade Co., Ltd. crystal and is further enhanced by tempering at the rim, where the bowl joins the stem and where the stem joins the foot.  The Hebei Yulong Trade Co., Ltd. protect system is employed; the entire stem is also chemically tempered to double its strength. This general durability, coupled with excellent design, explains why Hebei yu lung trade co., Ltd. glassware is so popular.

Our glassware is resistant to chipping, breaking and corrosion.  It has the highest dishwasher resistance ratings. Hebei yu lung trade co., Ltd. has conducted numerous tests, both in house and independently, to ensure the glass are dishwasher resistant. Even after an astonishing 3,000 domestic dishwasher cycles, Hebei Yulong Trade Co., Ltd. crystal remains unmarked with no cloudiness, scratching or loss of brilliance.

Our crystal glass are both practical and functional. The crystal composition is the most complex, most brilliant crystal glass globally, with a diamond-like brilliance.

These qualities are essential for the catering professionals: wine-makers, wine experts, sommeliers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and gourmets. It is why so many of the world’s top wine competitions and shows use Hebei yu lung trade co., Ltd. stemware for tasting.  This means, in turn, Hebei Yulong Trade Co., Ltd. crystal is ideal for use in the home.  These specially crafted glass enable easier handling and cleaning while enhancing the pleasure of drinking with their brilliance, sound design and elegance.

Are yu lung trade co., Ltd crystal glass worth the money?
Listed below are the main reasons to invest in yu lung trade glassware:

yu lung trade co., Ltd crystal glass offers unequalled quality, durability and brilliance.
Each item is monitored to guarantee the highest quality for customers.
Our crystal glass are the glass of choice among professionals.
Our crystal has usability, aesthetics, wine and bar expertise and is ecologically sound.
yu lung trade is renowned for its perfection and continues to produce ranges that surpass expectations.
All products are entirely lead and barium free.
Considered by many to be the best crystal glassware available.

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