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001 Crystal glass bottle crystal white glass

001 Crystal glass bottle

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Material: crystal white glass

Capacity: (1000)ml

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Hebei Yu Lung Trade Co., Ltd., Glass Products Co., Ltd. can pack a wide range of glass bottles, including beverages, food, cosmetics, and medicine. Many people think that a glass bottle is just a container. In fact, it is not just a container. How do you say it? Many times, in fact, the glass bottle plays a role in other functions while taking on packaging.

Let’s talk about the role of glass bottles in wine packaging. We all know that almost all wine is packaged in glass bottles, and the color is dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottles can play a role in protecting the quality of the wine, avoiding the deterioration of the wine due to light, and protecting the wine for better storage. Let’s talk about essential oil glass bottles. In fact, essential oils are very easy to evaporate, and the requirements for light are very strict. Therefore, essential oil glass bottles should protect essential oils from being volatile.

Moreover, glass bottles can increase the shelf life of foods, and medicinal brown glass bottles can protect medicines from decomposing in the sun. The glass bottles produced by glass bottle factories are not just containers, they have many functions.

Glass bottles are produced at high temperatures. From glass solution to machine production and molding, they go through the process of high temperature to low temperature. It is inevitable that there will be collision and friction between glass bottle products, and friction will occur when the bottle and bottle are rubbed. Traces, sometimes the product will stick and become defective if it is not cooled
How can I solve this problem?
1 Reduce machine speed:
Allow the product to cool down appropriately for a longer time
2 Reduce the temperature of the glass solution in the feeder bowl:
Use a cooling fan to cool the glass solution in the feeder
3Spray the product with cold spray paint:
When the product is in the assembly line, spray friction-resistant paint to increase the hardness of the product to avoid friction marks.

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